The Himalayan Festival is an annual event presented by Ivory East Entertainments for the people of the Himalayan region living in the USA. This event has been initiated to promote our rich cultural heritage and to provide accessible platform to our younger generation to showcase their talents through sports, music, dance, acting, modelling, and more.

Contestants will compete in six different categories  –

1) Himalayan Singing Star

2) Himalayan Dancing Star

3) Thematic Short Movie

4) Volley ball

5) Soccer

6) Miss Bhutan US.


Himalayan Festival is scheduled  annually in different states at which contestants are recognized for their artistic achievements along with providing entertainment to audience of all ages. This festival is held to display individual talents and to cater recreational diversion for audiences and visitors.

It is also intended to enrich people’s lives by increasing social interaction and fostering inter-community harmony. It aims to foster brotherhood, tolerance and inculcate essence of our rich cultural heritage, especially among the younger generation.


Note : All contestants must register online to take part in this competition. Click on the above “Registration” tab to submit a completed application and entree fee. If you are contesting in more than one category, you must submit a separate application for each of them.

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