Miss Bhutan US has tailored these easy steps to win the first-ever beauty crown by a Bhutanese woman in US

1. Register for the pageant online. Follow all instructions while completing the registration form. Provide basic factual information to speed-up the selection process. Wait until the selectors confirm your acceptance.

2. Travel to Event venue at least four days prior to the event day. This way, you get accustomed to the new place and reduce your anxiety. Remember to bring all your stuff.

3. Screenings and Audition start three days ahead of the event day. All participants MUST attend this event. The TOP TWENTY finalists are selected at the end of this event.

4. The selected top twenty participants are groomed and trained for the Grand Finale for three consecutive days.

5. Among the top twenty finalists, only five will be selected for the Final Round. A winner will be declared from among the top five contestants.

“WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.” –¬†Miss Bhutan US