Miss Bhutan US – 2018

Terms and conditions


Miss Bhutan US delegates must be a genetically born, never married female, and at least 17 years of age as of the first date of the competition year and be no older than 28 years as of Miss Bhutan US competition year. High School or College students enrolled with an intention to graduate are preferred.

Delegates of the pageant must supply proof of legal residency in the United States of America. A Green Card, EAD, State ID, Driver’s License, or Passport indicating their place of birth, or documents showing they were born from one or both parents who is or was a legal Bhutanese descendent a day before pageant date is mandatory.

All delegates agree to look solely with respect to all matters relating to the application, the preparation, rehearsal, performance, and selection process and all other matters pertaining to this pageant.

Returning Delegates:

Former winners of the Miss Bhutan US are not eligible to compete for the title.

Commercial Tie-Up:

Entrants may have a modeling, commercial tie-up, personal management and/or agency contract, which however, does not include, authorize, or permit the use of the name of the Miss Bhutan US Pageant or any other registered trademark or trade name of any title designation or reference with respect to the pageant in any manner.

Eligibility / Acceptance Determination Agreement:

All issues related to eligibility shall be determined solely and exclusively by Miss Bhutan US pageant.  Entrants agree to abide by eligibility criteria determination on all grounds. They agree to produce an original copies  of all the aforementioned legal documents.  Miss Bhutan US reserves the right to refuse entry into the pageant to anyone for the reason as seen unworthy by the organizing committee.

Evaluation Criteria:

Opening Number.

Miss Bhutan US will include a choreographed opening number.  Delegates will be provided with an opening number outfit as specified by the Organizers. The opening number is an introductory event and is not evaluated.


Scoring will be conducted on a 10-point scale

• 9-10 = Excellent

• 7-8 = Very Good

• 5-6 = Good

• 3-4 = Average

• 1-2 = Below Average

Areas of Competition:

The competition will consist of two equally weighted categories to determine the Top 15:

Evening Gown (50%) and Sari or Kira  (50%).  The highest composite scores will determine the semi-finalists.

The semi-finalists will compete in three categories to determine the finalists:

Interview (10%), Evening Gown (45%) and Sari or Kira (45%).  The highest composite scores will determine the finalists.


Miss Bhutan US titleholder must be articulate and possess excellent social and conversational skills. The titleholder must be able to express herself clearly, diplomatically, and must project a pleasant personality at all times.

Competition details:

• Interviews are conducted in a panel style.  “Panel style” is similar to a press conference.

• Delegates will introduce themselves and field questions posed by the panel of judges while standing at a designated podium in the interview room.

• The interview focuses primarily on delegates’ personal information (e.g., hobbies, ambition, etc.) but may include opinion questions that require general knowledge of social and current events.

• Delegates should wear a dress, cocktail suit, or pantsuit for the interview competition.

• Judging criteria:

 conversational skill, personality, demeanor, beauty, grooming, and fashion sense.

Evening Gown:

Participants of  the Miss Bhutan US pageant must carry themselves with dignity, grace, poise and elegance.  Judges do not evaluate the cost or designer label of the gown, but rather how well it suits the delegate (e.g., fit, color, style) as well as delegate’s on-stage presentation.

• Evening gown must be floor length.

• Judging criteria:

modeling, personality, beauty, grooming and fashion sense.

Sari or Kira.

Sari or  Kira must be worn appropriately with styles and elegance.

Policy regarding ties:

The following procedure is used to break ties at all levels:

Each judge will assign the top 5 finalists a ranking from 1 to 5 (1 = Winner, 5 = 4th Runner-Up.)  Corresponding rank and points shall be:

1st = 5 pts, 2nd = 4 pts, 3rd = 3 pts, 4th = 2 pts, 5th = 1 pt. Points earned from rankings are added to the delegates’ aggregate scores.

In the absence of ties, judges are not asked to provide rankings details.


A minimum of three judges will evaluate the delegates in the areas of competition described above. Organizers have sole discretion and complete authority to select the panel of judges.  Reasonable efforts are made to secure a culturally and professionally diverse panel. Judges’ names are not released to delegates prior to their arrival at the pageant.

Delegates may not approach the judges or engage in conversation with them prior to or during the competition.  Delegates who are observed approaching a judge or engaging in conversation with them beyond a brief greeting may risk immediate disqualification at the discretion of the Organizers.  Judges are provided appropriate trainings and instructions regarding scoring procedures prior to the competition.  Judges are expected to sign ‘Oath of Ethics’ and a copy of this document shall be made available to delegates prior to the competition.

The decision of the judges shall be final and non-contestable for any reasons whatsoever.

Score sheets / Feedback:

Under no circumstances shall the delegates have the right to view other competitors’ scores, but their own.  Miss Bhutan US  respects each individual delegate’s right to privacy and confidentiality. The master tabulation sheet is not made public.

Entry Fee:

An entry fee is required to enter the Miss Bhutan US pageant.  The fee amount is $ 100.00, due on the first day of the pageant training. Delegates may seek sponsors or may pay the entry fee themselves.  All sponsors are recognized in the Miss Bhutan US pageant program book at no charge.  Payment may be made by personal check, money order, or cash. Delegates must make a one-time payment toward the total entry fee.

The Miss Bhutan US pageant is self-supporting and relies solely upon entry fees to cover production expenses. Production expenses include but are not limited to:  advertising, hotel rentals, theater rentals, performers’ fees, judges’ expenses, staging, supplies, prizes, awards, etc.

A significant percentage of the entry fee is directed back to each delegate in the form of crown, sash, meals, entertainment, parties, gifts, and prizes. Entry fee includes:

• Eligibility for all prizes and awards (no hidden competition fees)

• Official Miss Bhutan US Crown

• Delegates’ handbook

• Official documents including cover letters and press releases

• Some meals (as specified in the pageant paperwork)

• Opening number outfit

• Gifts, awards, prizes

Entry fee does not include:

 • Travel expenses

• Lodging

• Competition evening gown

• Program book ads (optional)

• Official Program Book

• Personal expenses

Refund Policy:

All fees paid to this competition are NON- REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE in full or in part under any circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to entry fees, advertising fees, pageant admission ticket sales fees, guest meal fees and any other fees paid to by anyone including, but not limited to, delegates, sponsors, and advertisers.


The entry deadline is posted on the Miss Bhutan US website.  Entry fees must be paid in full by the entry deadline.  All required paperwork (e.g., Biographical Information Form, etc.) must be completed and received by the paperwork deadline which is posted on the Miss Bhutan US website.

All deadlines are strictly enforced and must be adhered to by all participants. Entrants (and directors, if applicable) understand and agree to the penalty for late submission of required items, including paperwork, photography and full payment of fees by posted deadlines.



Entrant must submit a headshot photo for the Miss Bhutan US website and a photo for the Official Program Book. Photos may be emailed to missbhutanusa@gmail.com or sent via traditional mail service to the address provided.


Delegates provide their own competition attire.  Other wardrobe requirements will be given to confirmed delegates in the pageant.


Delegates shall make their own travel arrangements.  Miss Bhutan US team is not responsible for arranging travel or intervening / resolving disputes involving travel to the pageant .


Delegates are not required to stay at the host hotel (delegate must stay in a hotel close enough to pageant activities and provide their own transportation to and from the host hotel for pageant events each day).  Delegates and families shall make their own hotel reservations, or any form of accommodation at the vicinity of the event venue.


All participants affirm that they are and will continue to be of good moral character; that they have not committed and will not commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals and convictions or that will reflect unfavorably on the pageant, its representatives, sponsors and/or licensees, during the pageant finals, or during their reign should any of them become a Miss Bhutan US titleholder.

Delegates will present themselves in a courteous, professional manner at all times during the Miss Bhutan US  pageant. Delegates shall not slander or libel other contestants, judges,  staff or anyone else involved with or connected to the Miss Bhutan US Pageant.  Defamatory verbal and/or written remarks against the Judges/Organizers and the Miss Bhutan US Pageant will result in immediate disqualification, forfeiture of any and all prizes and awards won, and legal charges.

Good sportsmanship is expected at all times.  Disruptive behavior before, during, or after the pageant may result in disqualification, removal from the premises, and legal charges.

Delegates agree to sign a Code of Conduct statement indicating agreement to abide by the terms specified herein.  Failure to sign the Code of Conduct statement does not in any way release delegate from responsibility to abide by the Code of Conduct stated herein.

All issues related to the Code of Conduct and consequences for violation thereof shall be determined solely and exclusively by Miss Bhutan US.   Entrants agree to accept such determinations made by the entity both as to themselves and others.

Participation in Miss Bhutan US Pageant Events.

Delegates are expected to be on time and present for all scheduled rehearsals and events leading up to and during the pageant finals. Delegates will lose 1 point for each unexcused missed event.  In the event of illness, a delegate may be excused from attending an event only by the individual authorized by the Organizers.

Miss Bhutan US contract

1. If selected as Miss Bhutan US winner, delegate agrees to sign a letter of intention stating agreement to work for development and progress of Bhutanese Community in the US .   Winner is expected to provide with photos of appearances for the Miss Bhutan US website and promotion.  If a delegate is unwilling to sign the contract and/or unable or unwilling to fulfill the obligations, the title won and all prizes will be awarded to the first runner up.

2. The reign of the overall Miss Bhutan US will commence immediately after crowning and will end immediately following the crowning of her successor.

3.Miss Bhutan US titleholder agrees to make monthly contact with Miss Bhutan US by phone, letter, fax or e-mail.

4.The winner of Miss Bhutan US agrees to provide with photocopies of articles pertaining to her reign and pictures of appearances for the pageant history scrapbook.

5.The winner of Miss Bhutan US agrees that she will not enter any other pageant or compete for any other titles during her year’s reign without the prior written permission from Miss Bhutan US. The Miss Bhutan US title is the overall winner’s main pageant-related priority.  Winner is expected to give her time and energy to this title and this title only during her reign.

6. Winner may have a modeling, commercial tie-up, personal management and/or agency contract, which contract however does not include, authorize or permit the use of the name of the Miss Bhutan US or any other registered trade name, trademark or logo of , or any title designation or reference with respect to the pageant in any manner.

7. The titleholder of Miss Bhutan US agrees to attend the following year’s pageant to crown her successor.  Winner’s travel, lodging, and meal expenses will be arranged for and paid by Miss Bhutan US.


Publicity and Promotion

By virtue of participation in the Miss Bhutan US , delegates agree to allow  the right to use their names, likeness, voice and/or biographical information for the purposes of publicity and promotion, for now and in the future. Delegates understand that their names, likeness, voice, and/or biographical information may be used on the internet, in print advertising, press releases and merchandise related to the Miss Bhutan US pageant (e.g., t-shirts, tote bags, hats, other apparel, mouse pads, and other promotional materials.)  Delegates agree to assume all liabilities pertaining to marketing and promotion strategies.  Delegate agrees to waive any and all compensation for the use of her name, likeness, voice, and /or biographical information for purposes of publicity and promotion.

Photography & Videography.

Delegates and their families are permitted to take photos and record videos during events leading up to the on-stage pageant competition event.  Cameras or videography will not be allowed during any on-stage competition events.  Individuals who fail to comply with this rule will be asked to leave the venue without benefit of refund for admission ticket.  The official Miss Bhutan US Pageant photographer and videographer will make professional photography and videography available.

Disqualification / Title Relinquishment.

If delegates are disqualified or relinquished for any reason, any title awarded to them and all prizes must be returned in full, and in condition received.

If, for any reason, the Miss Bhutan US winner resigns or is disqualified, the 1st runner-up in the appropriate age division will assume the title and all prizes.

Limitation of Liability / Responsibility

a.)  Miss Bhutan US , its organizers, employees, and pageant personnel are not responsible for accidents, injury or theft incurred at the time of the Miss Bhutan US  Pageant or travel to and from.

b) Miss Bhutan US pageant is not responsible for negligence or fraud on the part of pageant sponsors, judges, or contract vendors (e.g., photographer, videographer, etc.) who may be providing products or services to delegates at the Miss Bhutan US Pageant.

c) Miss Bhutan US pageant is not responsible for negligence or fraud on the part of the host hotel or other forms of accommodation.

d.) Miss Bhutan US pageant is not responsible for arranging travel or intervening / resolving disputes surrounding the pageant competition.

e) Miss Bhutan US pageant is not responsible for providing an interpreter for delegates who do not speak or understand English.

f) Miss Bhutan US pageant is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage caused to any and all prizes, gifts, and awards bestowed upon the participants after these items become the property of the contestants.  Entrants agree to incur replacement and/or repair costs to lost, stolen, or damaged items including but not limited to:  crown/tiara, sash, plaques, trophies, etc.


By submitting the entry form and fee(s) to Miss Bhutan US pageant, delegates agree to abide by all policies, rules and regulations set forth by the organizers.   Participation in the Miss Bhutan US pageant also indicates acceptance and agreement to abide by all policies, rules and regulations set forth by Miss Bhutan US pageant. Delegates attest that all information submitted to is true and accurate. Falsification of information and failure to comply with the policies may result in immediate disqualification and/or forfeiture of prizes won without benefit of refund in full or in part at the sole discretion of Miss Bhutan US pageant.